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Texan Eye – Cedar Park

The Texan Eye – Cedar Park clinic is a ground-up project situated within a growing development.  The new building site is uniquely situated in a “transitional” zoning overlay between an existing residential neighborhood and the new commercially-zoned retail development.  This overlay requires a minimum of 6:12 sloped roof design, masonry, and other design criteria that were an initial challenge to the scale and aesthetic of the project.  The basic footprint for the new building had been previously set during the original site development permitting and its square form made any traditional sloped-roof design problematic.  The building was broken up into different forms through a review of the program and collaboration with the Owner about sun exposures, glazing, and visibility of the building from the adjacent roads.  These high roofs were opened up on the interior to provide dynamic spaces for public areas and signage opportunities for branding.  The natural materials selected compliment the modern forms and offer a materials palette that is similar to the other Texan Eye clinic locations.

The interior layout of the exam rooms, offices, procedure rooms, and nurse stations was collaboratively designed and reviewed with the doctors and staff to improve on efficiency and provide flexibility for future lines of service.  A retail eyewear shop operates adjacent to the check-out/scheduling services to fulfill new prescriptions onsite and offer repairs and adjustments.

Illustration by: haddoncowan