Our vision is to create inspired architecture drawn from the ideas of many.

Our team will compile the project’s inherent goals, needs and values through an in-depth interview process with the client, their staff and the surrounding community.


Architectural Design is the simple essence of a project, brought to formality through the work and skills of the Architect. Our design brings the client’s vision to reality as we work to understand their aspirations and needs for the project.


We work closely with the client, consultants and applicable jurisdictions to provide test-studies for proposed projects. This exercise will typically yield the design limitations and opportunities for any given site or project and acts as the springboard for design.


Sustainable design is a cornerstone of our practice and will typically inform decisions on building placement, use of existing materials and elements of a site, and size and scale of a project. We have successfully navigated several sustainability-first projects.


Our Master Planning process will dive into the restrictions and limitations of a property to determine what opportunities are available. These metrics will provide the basic envelope of a development concept and be critical to a successful planning exercise.


We provide an in-depth analysis of a facility or group of facilities with regards to design direction, re-use of existing elements, code implications, historic significance, construction methods in place and existing materials.

“Haddon + Cowan Architects Collaborative truly live up to their name. It is always a pleasure to work with H+C. The collaborative process that they practice and live each and every day shows in the quality of their work and the respect they’ve earned in this industry. They inspire their consultants, contractors and clients to be involved throughout the design and construction process, ensuring an emotional bond and pride in the projects that they create together.”

Melissa Coad / Associate, Project Manager

“When we are working with Haddon+Cowan we are assured collaboration with the entire design team is at the forefront in the design process and continues through construction. What I enjoy the most of working with Haddon+Cowan is their design process. The attention to detail and continual collaboration with all the team members reflects in the quality of the projects.”

Kris Swanson / Project Engineer

"There were several reasons why we believed that HCA were the right fit as the architects for our new campus – creative talent, education design experience, and a commitment to an inclusive process. Their collaborative process helped galvanize support for the project, which made the capital campaign a much easier sell. And it also resulted in a beautiful, highly-functional campus that met all of our program requirements and is the pride of our entire community.”

Bronson Dorsey / Director of Facilities and Former Trustee, Girls' School of Austin

"As a 5-phased project involving major additions and renovations to an occupied high school, there were certainly challenges. The manner in which address these challenges allowed for a smooth transition between phases and a timely and successful completion of the project as a whole."

Craig Estes, Architect / Project Manager

"With your efforts, we were able to complete the Balcones Medical Office Building on schedule and have some budget latitude for some much-needed architectural features on the building and landscaping."

Vincent P. Hauser / Architect


We dedicate our time beyond what’s expected. We communicate with authenticity. We collaborate to bring about synergy between our team and yours. We consider and explore everyone’s ideas. We respond with an open mind and a creative instinct earned from years of experience. We guide you through the details of the design process. We deliver quality with timeless appeal.


We are a collaborative group of architects who function as a team rather than individuals creating inspired design with timeless appeal.

2301 E. Riverside Drive, Bldg A, Suite 80, Austin, TX 78741

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