Doty Fine Arts Library Renovation


Doty Fine Arts Library Renovation

The Doty Fine Arts Library Renovation project converted an existing 4th level area with library stacks, study areas and meeting rooms, into a new, active learning environment for The University of Texas. The library now has a high-tech CAET classroom, open studio classroom, study/conference rooms and a new suite of administrative offices. The existing 4th floor was an open mezzanine, an exposed pre-cast concrete structure extends across a double-volume space. In our approach, we left as much of the open-structure ceiling as possible.  We achieved this by upgrading the unique in-beam lighting system and cleaning up the existing ductwork and conduit layouts.

In order to create a dynamic space over the floor below, the balcony areas are open and furnished as study areas. Back-painted glass wall surfaces also highlight the space. In addition, we widened circulation to accommodate built-in seating areas and furniture for students to use between classes. Finally, all group rooms, offices and conference rooms received full glass storefronts. This gives the Doty Fine Arts Library Renovation a sense of openness to a brimming program of spaces.

Illustration by: haddoncowan


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