Baylor Scott & White Health – Pflugerville

Baylor Scott & White Health – Pflugerville

Haddon+Cowan has designed several spaces for Baylor Scott & White Healthcare, and the Pflugerville clinic showcases the combination of function and aesthetics that can make the patient experience a good one and help a healthcare clinic run smoothly.

The Pflugerville clinic is a primary care clinic that provides family care and physical therapy services. This includes 12 exam rooms, radiological services, treatment rooms, and an on-site laboratory.

To understand how doctors, nurses, patients, and administrative staff move through a clinic setting, Haddon+Cowan sat down with doctors, medical assistants and support staff to get their direct input. That process allowed the design to be customized to the demands and daily traffic, minimizing congestion and wasted time within the clinic and maximizing patient comfort and flow.

It is important to the tenant that patients are able to move through the clinic efficiently without the experience feeling impersonal or automated. In addition to designing the clinic’s layout around the traffic needs, bringing in natural materials like wood and stone, creating outdoor space, and adding glass into the clinic’s public spaces all helped to soften the space and make wait times more pleasant.

A wood soffit over the main entrance, which has a bank of windows, eases the transition into the building. An overhang extends over an outdoor waiting area that is surrounded by a stepped screen and vegetation.

Haddon+Cowan has been working with Baylor Scott & White since 2010 on stand-alone clinics, renovations, and additions to their existing 5-story medical office building in Round Rock, as well as renovations to the Scott & White Hospital in Round Rock.

Illustration by: haddoncowan