American Constructors Offices

American Constructors Offices

In 2016, the leadership at American Constructors determined that they needed a new office space in order to handle their company’s recent growth and to streamline their office flow and internal processes.  Construction of the new 12k sf finish-out project afforded them a chance to work collaboratively with an Architect to create a space that would provide them an efficient work flow, while also serving as an example of their craftsmanship and construction expertise to visiting clients.  The curvilinear design peels and flows throughout the layout, connecting the lobby, conference rooms, common work areas, offices and breakroom and carrying the intricate wood slat detailing through the public spaces.  Each material selection was collaboratively worked out between the architect and contractor/owner/fabricators, with blackened steel, oak wood slats, terrazzo tile and glass panels carefully detailed prior to construction.

Illustration by: haddoncowan