Arrowhead Amenity Center

Arrowhead Amenity Center

The Arrowhead Amenity Center is located in a residential neighborhood and was designed along with SEC Planning, landscape architects. The design of the center came from mimicking the shapes from the neighborhoods’ context. The fan-shaped elements, such as the canopy and the shape of the pool can be seen at other site elements in the neighborhood, such as the mail kiosks and entry monument signs. The programed spaces are divided from pool access only and playground access. Visitors can enter from either the playground or the pool access points. Voids in the stone allow for transparency between the different spaces and gives more of a visual connection between the different programs at the amenity center. Additional spaces include a grill, washers, fire pit, and playground. Materials for the amenity center include limestone from the area, steel, and stained oak wood soffits.

Illustration by: haddoncowan